Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at my work. I hope you can see that I love what I do .
I’m originally from Lima –Peru. I studied at university Advertising and travelled around South America before I met my husband and continue my life in this beautiful country Australia.
I brought my first Nikon Camera before my first child was born and from then my love for photography hasn’t stopped.
I started to take photos of my children, then my friends’ children. Then I started taking photos of kinder children where I work for observations or just fun… parents where very happy with my work and that’s how this amazing adventure started . I was asked as well to shoot a wedding and finally I listened to those close to me and decided to set up my own business. Now I travelled around the local kinders to capture fun and relax picture of children. There has never been any doubt about my speciality, my photographic passion – and that is photographing people and beautiful things that calls my attention…
I often get asked now what I most enjoy taking pictures of and I honestly can’t restrict it to just one area . Without doubt I adore working with children the sheer energy, joy and innocence of childhood is something I will never tired of. But equally I feel blessed to be able to capture the intense love between a couple on their wedding day or a taking photos of country life style…
It has been great to discover the kind of photographer I want to be. One who wants to give you something a little bit different, more considered, more unique if you will. So if that’s what you are after then get in touch and let’s work together to create something special.



People, and all their infinite differences, fascinate and inspire me. My goal is to capture an individual’s essential character in a beautiful yet honest way – creating unique images with emotion and impact that will last a lifetime. This is not easy to do, yet something that I have a reputation for achieving because I take the time to get to know you. It is essential that my shoots are relaxed and real, in a setting that allows you to feel comfortable and be yourself. We will work together to choose the right location ,this may mean starting at home before exploring the local surrounds, bush or park .On the day of the shoot I ask you to put aside a few hours because portrait photography shouldn’t be rushed if you want it to be a genuine reflection of the people involved. Before the shoot we will have discussed location possibilities and the importance of clothing – particularly what doesn’t work.
When I arrive 15 minutes before hand, I will set up and that could take me 10 minutes . Then we will discuss ideas for the photoshoot ,when we are feeling relaxed and ready, we will spend an hour or so taking photos whilst we walk and chat. Very few people like the thought of having their photograph taken – but all of my clients are greatly relieved by the fact that they actually enjoy the experience. Probably the greatest skill a people photographer should have is the ability to put people at ease. I’m totally confident in my ability to do this for you and your children – whether they are unpredictable toddlers or self conscious teenagers.
I’m passionate about what I do. And passionate about giving you something totally individual. I do not work to a formula but let each shoot evolve naturally. I’ll do my very best to provide a great experience, fantastic service and photography that looks and feels like art.
And I have young two children. I’m I understand children behaviour meaning the photoshoot could be very fast or could take more time than normal….